Our story!

The owners of Hotdog & Burger Co. love food, and an opportunity arose in a space behind Q-BBQ.  The owners had years of experience eating at restaurants and owning world famous restaurant's, and as a result of their steadfast research and keen sense of the public’s needs, they developed The Hot Dog Company. Bringing the simplest basics of Hot Dog stands while adding a culinary flare that will knock your taste buds out! Classic Chicago Dogs, Deep Fried Dogs, Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs, Burgers, Homemade Italian Beef, Sausage, Gyros, Chicken Sandwiches, Pizza Puff’s, Salads, Bosco Sticks, Fries, Over 70 flavors of Old Fashioned Soda and more……The Hot Dog Company has scrumptious food, awesome staff and a real cool atmosphere.

Meet the customers!